This language has spread over several countries because of (among other aspects) the colonization. It is now the official language in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa and Ireland. Besides that, English is of course also spoken in the United States and in the United Kingdom. And how about those other countless countries where English is spoken as a second language?

Since English is spoken in so many countries, many dialects have been developed over the years and the English language has now many variations. Certainly, we take into account those different types of dialects hence our translators are divided in those who are specialized in American English and others who are experts in British English. We adapt the word usage to your target group so that the message comes across in the perfect way.

Translations of digital, online texts or texts in the software of websites, apps, games, etc.

  • Ad translations
  • App translations
  • SEO translation
  • Blog translations
  • Catalog translations
  • Newsletter translations
  • Webshop translations
  • Website translations
  • etc.

Texts translated by professional translators specialized in different domains: technical, financial, medical, commercial, etc.

  • Medical report translations
  • Record list translations
  • Presentation translations
  • Proofreading
  • Business correspondence translations
  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Book translations
  • etc.

Texts translated by professional translators specialized in the legal domain including additional legal proofreading expertise.

  • Sworn translations
  • Deed translations
  • Terms & Conditions translations
  • Contract translations
  • Document translations
  • Testament translations
  • etc.

Translations of technical texts with specific technical terminology.

  • Handbook/manual translations
  • Folder translations
  • Software translations
  • WordPress website translations
  • etc.