Translation services

In order to translate texts a specific knowledge (e.g. grammar, spelling, puns, expressions, etc.) and professional formation is required. These competences can be mastered only by native speakers. For this reason, we collaborate only with native speakers who translate texts from or into their own mother tongue.

They hear their native language every day and they use it on a daily basis. Their linguistic sensitivity is therefore optimal and in consequence the quality of translations is upmost. With Cosmopolitan Translations you can be sure about flawless, high quality and quickly delivered translations!


Our specialized native speakers know very well that an accurate translation can have an extremely strong influence on the conversion and usability of your online texts. With effective translations and convincing texts, you can certainly gain more name recognition abroad.

Moreover, an optimal website translation influences positively your digital findability and visibility because of well-optimized search engines abroad thanks to accurate, customized translation by a professional native speaker.

Cosmopolitan Translations regularly translates websites and other online content for various companies and individuals. Our professional, specialized and reliable native speakers translate your texts with the right feeling and tone. They can apply the right nuances in the translation of websites, webshops, apps, games, blogs and other online texts.

Mostly it’s all about numbers, not about texts. Therefore people who work in this sector know a lot about finances, but they have troubles with translating pieces of text.

However, the information contained in those reports (e.g. contracts, annual reports, presentations, quotations, policy conditions, financial analyzes, etc.) is extremely important! Our specialized translators are prepared to deal with this financial information and to translate it accurately and precisely.

Actually, only ‘understanding’ is often not enough to provide a flawless translation.

Our professional translators have working experience in the legal services and thus they are specialized in different law branches. It means that you can request from us a translation of any legal text with complex legal terminology and we guarantee you the best results.


However, medical documents contain important information which should be translated for the patients. We collaborate with professional translators who are experts in the medical world and therefore they understand the medical jargon perfectly. It means that all medical texts are translated very quickly and flawless

For this reason, technical documents (e.g. manuals, product descriptions, procedures, guidelines) have to be available in multiple languages as well.

Every employee in the company needs to know how the purchased devices work and which guidelines they have to comply with. Therefore, it is extremely important to translate technical documents accurately! And that’s where we come in. We will translate for you all types of technical texts with a great pleasure!

Due to globalization you also have to deal with the customers across border. Hence, it is important to promote your product in different languages. We help you with the translation of folders, presentations, advertisements, newsletters, catalogs, marketing plans and so on. Besides that, we make sure that your texts are easily findable in all languages we offer.

Only when an official document (e.g. notarial deed, procedural document, agreement, extract from the civil registry) is translated for an official purpose, we can speak of a sworn translation.

This type of document is very important. Therefore a translator is obliged to take an oath at the court in order to be able to work with such documents. Thus, you can be sure that a sworn translator can provide the optimal quality of the requested translation.


Our translators are prepared to work for you even during the weekend in order to accomplish your urgent deadline. We will immediately start working on your translation. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!