The language is therefore widely spoken in 45 countries and territories all over the world. This makes French the sixth language in the world after English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Mandarin. In the upcoming years this could possibly change because of the increasing number of French-speaking Africans.

The fact that French is an important world language is very clear and we don’t have to convince you about that. You just want professional translations from or into French and our specialized native speakers are certainly able to provide you all flawless translations that you request.

Translations of digital, online texts or texts in the software of websites, apps, games, etc.

  • Ad translations
  • App translations
  • SEO translation
  • Blog translations
  • Catalog translations
  • Newsletter translations
  • Webshop translations
  • Website translations
  • etc.

Texts translated by professional translators specialized in different domains: technical, financial, medical, commercial, etc.

  • Medical report translations
  • Record list translations
  • Presentation translations
  • Proofreading
  • Business correspondence translations
  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Book translations
  • etc.

Texts translated by professional translators specialized in the legal domain including additional legal proofreading expertise.

  • Sworn translations
  • Deed translations
  • Terms & Conditions translations
  • Contract translations
  • Document translations
  • Testament translations
  • etc.

Translations of technical texts with specific technical terminology.

  • Handbook/manual translations
  • Folder translations
  • Software translations
  • WordPress website translations
  • etc.